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Ragi Malt with Nuts and Dals

Ragi Malt with Nuts and Dals

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This traditional health drink made of sprouted ragi is rendered even more nutritious with the addition of nuts such as almonds and cashew and pulses such as moong and chana dal. The Ragi (finger millet) is sourced from Malnad Karnataka and combined with the other ingredients using a traditional recipe to make an invigorating and easy-to-cook drink mix.

How to use

- Can be combined and cooked with water or milk for 3-4 minutes till a silky, porridge-like texture is attained. This can be served to
infants above 8 months.

- If you want to serve it as a warm drink, add more milk to the porridge, mix thoroughly and serve. Alternatively, you can cool and mix with buttermilk for a refreshing summer-time drink.

- Ideal for growing children, lactating mothers, and the elderly.

Store in airtight conditions, away from moisture.

Myth Buster

Myth: Ragi has a high glycemic index and should not be consumed by diabetics.

Fact: Ragi is a nutrient powerhouse and Ragi Malt with Nuts and Dals can be safely consumed by diabetics keeping in mind that no one food alone will ever control or cure diabetes. Ragi can become a part of a healthy, well balanced diet so
that it can aid in improving one’s overall health.

To be sure, please consult with your physician.

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Ragi Malt is not inherently sweet as it doesn’t contain any refined sugar. Combine it with our Jaggery Powder for extra sweetness.

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