Homegrown products, farmer-owned brand.

House of Neria re-invents a 100-year-old legacy farm in the Charmadi Hills of the Western Ghats to the sensibilities of modern living. But we haven't left our traditions behind.

At the heart of the House of Neria lies the commitment to:

Promote safe and healthy ingredients

Food comes from farms, not factories.

Because we practice a Farm2Fork model, we control the supply chain from picking, processing, to packaging. Every product is harvested by hand, graded, milled at local facilities, and packaged right here, at the farm. Our shipping partners then take it directly to customers.

That's right, no middle men!

Practise sustainable farming

Being green is important to us. We incorporate principles of sustainability in every aspect of the business. Each component of the farm nourishes others, leading to better soil health, and therefore, cleaner and greener products.

We also invest in afforestation, cattle- rearing for farmyard manure, and vermi-composting so that the farm is an efficient, self-nurturing

All packaging is eco-friendly - reusable, and recycleable.

Increase opportunities at the local level

House of Neria is committed to improving business opportunities for communities living in the Western Ghats. Since everything is done
locally, and not in a remote factory, the village community is involved in every step. We also source from other farmers, offer fair prices, aid with quality checks and basic processing, and add brand value to take the products to a bigger platform.

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